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WorkSafe Stanislaus
Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m having problems getting past the Captcha at the end of my application.  Any suggestions?

The Captcha at the end of the application will be a math equation that you must answer in order to submit your application. EX: 2+3=? The applicant would enter the answer 5 to submit.  

2. Can I still apply to the Work Safe Program if I have received monies from any previous local business grant programs or relief programs?


3. Will Work Safe reimbursements be awarded on a first come first serve basis?

Yes, pending completed application with all supporting documentation and availability of funds.

4. Is there any assistance available to help with completing the application and gathering documents?

Yes, contact (209) 558-4473 for that information.

5. Who is eligible to the Work Safe Stanislaus Program?

Any business or non-profit located within the borders of Stanislaus County with the exception of the marijuana industry or businesses associated with political lobbying.

6. What documents are required? 

• Copy of valid Business license
• Current copy of W-9 form
• Receipts and/or invoices for purchases made between 05/01/2020-01/29/2021
• Any additional documentation needed to support the application

7. Are homebased businesses eligible?


8. Are self-employed/independent contractors eligible?


9.  Are business franchises and corporate-owned chains eligible?


10. Are non-profits eligible?


11. What if I have multiple businesses that have been affected by COVID-19. Am I able to apply for multiple businesses?

Yes, but you need to submit a separate application for each business that you would like to be considered for possible assistance, along with separate documentation for each individual business.

12. How secure is the Egress Application portal?

The Egress software provides intelligent email security to prevent accidental and intentional breaches, and protects sensitive data. It is used by top global investment banks, healthcare providers, and government organizations worldwide.

13. If I submit an application, then realize that I forgot to attach a required document, do I re-submit another application with the missing document? 

No, please only submit one application. If you need to attach additional items to your application, please contact (209) 558-4473 in regards to the Work Safe Stanislaus Program. A representative will be able to assist you to regain access back into the Egress portal to upload any missing documents.

14. What if I have already submitted an application but need to submit new receipts or invoices?

If you need to attach new receipts or invoices to your application, please complete a new application and attach all new receipts and/or invoices supporting your reimbursement request. You do not need to attach your business license or W-9 to the application where you are requesting additional reimbursement.

15. Why can’t I get back into the Egress Application system? 

Egress is an open/closed portal. Once documents are uploaded and received by the review team, the secure portal will close. At that point, you will be notified by email and will be provided a new link to sign in and upload requested information.

16. How will I know if my application and documents were received? 

You will receive a confirmation email that your documents have been received. Please check the email account that you used to sign up with Egress frequently.

17. I haven’t received any communications, is there something wrong?

It is the responsibility of the applicant to make sure the Egress emails are not going into their junk or spam folders in their email account.

18. Am I able to request a deadline extension? 

No, reimbursements are on a first come first serve basis and subject to availability of funding. All applications and supplemental documentation must be submitted in the Egress portal before the deadline of January 29, 2021 at 5:00 PM.

19. When will I be notified that my application has been approved or denied? 

When you submit your application you will receive a confirmation e-mail from the Egress system. You we be notified within 4-6 weeks from that confirmation e-mail date.

20. If reimbursement is approved, is there any additional reporting on my part that is required?

Yes, and you will be notified upon approval of your reimbursement.

21.  How can I follow up on the status of my application and documentation once it is has all been submitted?

Please contact (209) 558-4473 for any information regarding your application.